The Cross of My John

The day after John died, I woke up the next morning and this image popped into my mind. I almost felt like the angels were transmitting it to me from John, because it employs techniques in the way he told me to design things. I quickly grabbed a pencil and paper and sketched it out.

Today while we all flew back to Baltimore for John’s funeral on Tuesday, I tranmitted the cross design to vectors which will be the template for the wooden cross that I will make for his casket. I hope to fabricate this tomorrow using a piece of cherry which I gave to him months ago and found in his garage a few days ago.

Love, Dad


Here is the actual cross which I carved and engraved for my dear son John Joseph, the day before his funeral. His initials, JJK are engraved in the center.

My (Dad’s) program which I designed the night before for John’s Requiem Mass.
Cherry board from which the cross was cut.

10 thoughts on “The Cross of My John”

  1. Francis, this website is a beautiful and loving tribute to John. Thank you so much for sharing with those of us that could not accompany you and Tami and the rest of the family in this sad, sad time. The cross is stunning.

  2. Francis,
    Creativity is the gift of the Creator. This inspiration you received is so typical of what you and your family have always meant to me…given so fully to manifesting the Creators gifts. A consolation in the loss of John is that we still have all of you…and I’m guessing you will hear from him again.

  3. John had the most blessed parents of anyone I know. He has gone ahead to help Christ prepare a large and beautiful room for them and his brothers and sisters.

  4. Francis and Tami ~ Our hearts continue to weep as well as cling to our belief that God is merciful, kind, and near to the brokenhearted. Your shared creations and memories are a gift to Mike and I who never had the chance to know John. Be assured of our continued prayers for all of your precious family and John’s friends. We love you. xoxo!
    Barbara & Mike

    1. Thank you Mike and Barb. Your support is much appreciated and will forever be thankful and grateful to God for you.

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