Special Memories

John and I used to love going out to ChinaTown, Teton Thai Plate and… yes, believe it or not, (once in a while) McDonald’s. Here was our last meal at Teton Thai Plate, July 19, 2019… John would always get an extra box of rice and save some of his Yellow Curry to have the next day for lunch.
John with his nephew, Rosser, April 7, 2019.
Taking John to the Wort Bar on his 21st Bday… ‘Prost’ to my son!
Teton Craft Works was Francis, but it was REALLY Francis and Son, John Joseph… John WAS my ‘other half’ of our endeavor, a very important part of TCW… I hoped John would be the owner in the future… that was my plan… TCW was poised to sell puzzles to Delaware North in 2020, who manages not only Yellowstone National Park stores, but 185 other venues around the world… we were working together to make this dream a reality. NASA (Kennedy Space Center gift store) is one of the venues that we were hoping to acquire. (ABOVE) John and I are fixing a date discrepancy with a manual process John developed in his shop (which was his bedroom) in JH in our apartment for the Eclipse of 2017 in JH… our eclipse product endeavor was a huge success.
Dad found this unique specimen (Wyoming petrified wood) which is actually wood at the center, agate around the wood, and petrified algea on the outside. Discovered just a couple of weeks before the eclipse, Francis carved the frame with the Teton Mountains and the eclipse (a freak of nature) inset into the frame. John engineered how to backlight the sculpture with an LED and a simple switch. The first one was sold at the Nature Gallery to a Japanese tourist and shipped back to Japan just after the eclipse.
A puzzle box that John designed in the CAD program on his computer. This was the only prototype that was fabricated.
I would take pictures of mail that would arrive for John while he was away at Casper College in the Robotics program. This one shows his exemplary achievements.

Flowers sent in memory of John from where he last was employed, PC Industries and Jackson High School where he was a voluntary mentor for the Robotics club under one of his previous mentor, Mr. Gary Duquette.

The day Tami and I left our son John in Jackson, Wyoming as we moved to Coopersburg, PA in late July of 2019. Tami took up a new position as Headmistress of Regina Caeli of St. John the Baptist. John went on to be on his own and in three months achieved acquiring his own house, two cars and a full time job with PC Industries and side work creating hardware for other interests.
Dad has taken over wearing John’s Dr. Who Police Box cap that his mother knitted for him. Sometimes he would put an LED light in the top.